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About this site

This site is developed and maintained by Naveen Gabrani. I am a Software professional based in Noida, India. I had cleared Sun's Java Programmer certification exam in Jan 2000, and SCWCD in Feb 2002.

This site is not related to Sun Microsystems in any way. The Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam (SCJP) is the internationally recognized certification of JavaTM knowledge. The aim of the site is to provide help to candidates preparing for Sun's Java programmer and other certifications. The contents of this site may not be used without permissions from the author.

Though all effort has been made to make the information provided correct, there may be bugs in the tutorial or the answers to sample questions. If you have any suggestions or if you find any problems, please let know at ngabrani AT hotmail dot com. I greatly appreciate your feedback on javaprepare.com.

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home | tutorial | questions | test 1 | SCWCD