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This site provides all the information that you may need to prepare for Sun’s Java™ Certification. It has a detailed tutorial covering all the topics of the Java Certification (SCJP) exam. Besides a large number of sample questions for each topic, the site has FAQ on Java Certification and links to a large number of Certification sites. If you find any problems in the tutorials or the mock exams, please let us know.

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1. Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD exam)
2. FAQ on the Sun Certified Java Developer Exam (SCJD exam)
3. Tutorial on IBM’s XML certification Exam
4. Books for Sun’s architect Exam (SCEA exam)
5. Books for Sun Certified Business Component Developer Exam (SCBD exam)

If you are pursuing SCJP, then keep reading.

Sun now offers two versions of the SCJP exam – SCJP for Standard edition 5 and SCJP for Standard edition 6. Here are the objectives of the SCJP Standard edition 6 exam. Sun will continue to offer the Standard edition 5 exam until there is sufficient demand for the exam.

A Programmer’s Guide to Java Certification by Khalid Azim Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen is the standard text book on SCJP. Amazon is providing a 20% discount on the book.


A detailed FAQ for Sun’s Java™ Certification exam

How much time do I need to prepare for the SCJP exam? How much importance is given to this certification? Find all answers to your questions related to Sun’s certification here.

Java™ technology Tutorial for Certification

This tutorial highlights important concepts that you must know for Sun’s SCJP Certification exam. Read the tutorial when you have grasped the fundamentals of Java technology and want to prepare for the Certification exam.

SCJP questions for the topic you need

How strong are my language fundamentals? Is my knowledge of threads good enough for the Certification exam? Well you have come to the right place. Here you will get a large pool of questions related to each of the topics covered in the SCJP exam.

Sample tests for SCJP Certification

Find a mock exam that gives a very good idea of the real Sun’s Java™ certification exam. This site also offers a second SCJP mock exam that will allow you to get some more practice for the SCJP.

Where do I get more information related to Java™ Certification

The site is designed to have all the information you need for your Java™ Certification. But the more practice you can do for Java™ Certification exam, the better chance you have of clearing the exam. The site has links to a large number of mock exams, and other relevant sites for Java™ Certification.

SCWCD exam

The Sun Web component developer certification exam is among the most popular Java exam from Sun. Read more about it.