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Java™ Certification Tutorial

This tutorial highlights important concepts that you must know for Sun’s JavaTM Certification exam. Read the tutorial when you have grasped the fundamentals of the JavaTM technology and want to prepare for the Certification exam. The tutorial covers all the topics that are part of the Java certification exam. For some topics the description may be a little brief and you may want to refer to some Java Certification book.

Language Fundamentals

The section covers Java technology basics like reserved words, identifier names, primitive types, contents of a Java source file etc. It also covers Java’s command line arguments.

Operator and Assignments

This section explains commonly used Java language’s operators with special emphasis on shifting operators.

Declaration and Access Control

The section covers fundamentals of array declarations and classes in Java technology.

Classes in Java technology

This section explains the Object class, Wrapper classes, String class and the Math class. It also explains the basics of Java technology’s Garbage Collection.


The section covers various aspects of threads in Java technology.


This section covers core interfaces defined in Collections.


This section covers basics of Files and Input/Output.